Aromatherapy with a big big heart. Megan and Nathaneal have made it their mission to change peoples lives one drop of essential oil at a time. They needed a logo that would help them on this journey and with three key words in mind - HUMAN + CENTRED + BOTANIC - their mark was born!

Addictive Aromatherapy heart logo-06.png

The HEart

The heart represents the human centre, a place of healing, a place of care, a place of creation, and a place where we as humans call so many things home. It made literal sense when the words centred and human came up the somehow the heart should be involved. Wrapped in botanical and leafy elements of plants specific in the creation of so many crucial essential oils, this symbolises the hug like effect that aromatherapy can have on our souls.


the typography

The font is simple, sans serif, and also resonates with the notion of centred. Evoking the mood that aromatherapy is a comfortable base for the right kind of addiction - self care - the challenge for this logo was to balance the feminine and masculine elements, and also to balance the delicate, and intricate mark design with a harmonious typeface.