I’ve always teetered precariously between femme and tomboy. In my adult life I’ve felt more comfortable in shapeless clothes, but never been afraid to peacock on occasion and wear heels, and a dress. I never once felt masculine or boyish because I had long hair, not once was I ever mistaken for the opposite gender or even mistaken for being typically lesbian. 

However after shaving my head it suddenly made me susceptible to being mistaken for a man. The feminine security blanket of hair was lifted and just like that I grew a dick and a set of balls… I am by no means an extreme case of mistaken identity, however after living my life so freely from any kind of judgement or stereotype it was, well, amusing. 

Children were by far the worst, I can’t even count on all my fingers how many kids I heard whispering under their breath “is that a boy or a girl?” Why are we still being taught from a young age that boys have short hair and girls have long hair? I tip my hat to any girl under 15 that has the bravery to cut her hair short. We live in a world where you apparently have to identify with a “norm” gender appearance to be considered either this or that, and as much as I knew it existed it’s another story to experience it for myself. Do we still tell boys they are girls when they’re scared to do something? Do we still push girls to choose dance lessons over football training because they are ‘ladies’? Do we even realise the intensity of which we force kids to believe that things have to be a certain way to be understood? 

It’s the 21st century and brave ladies shaving their heads are pretty common, yet we still have males that feel the need to comment on such in a negative manner. They feel the need to make it obvious that now that there is no hair gracing the head they are in fact a man, to be mistaken for a man, obviously into chicks, and being intimate with a bald chick would challenge their fragile masculinity beyond means. Is it intimidation? Is it fear? Are we as a society seriously still shook from a persons large step outside the status quo? 

I shaved my head because I felt like I hid behind my hair, I didn’t feel nice unless my hair swamped my face, and I wanted to eliminate that useless worry, I shaved my head for myself and no one else, I shaved my head because I can do whatever I want to my image without needing the validation of others to do so. I urge more girls who are afraid to shave their head (but really want to) to just fucking hack that pony tail off… The irony behind all of the shady comments is that I never felt more in touch with myself and my femininity than the day I shaved my head.