For The Conscious Traveller I created an art driven, simple, linear design mark that worked as harmoniously together as it does apart. Each element has been meticulously drawn to represent the brand, where it’s at, and where it wishes to grow. The Conscious Traveller works hard to make a better mark on the world so their logo needs to work equally as hard. 

pink burgandy logo-02.png
green pink logo-03.png

the walking person

The walking person with a hat, and barefoot represents the relaxed and eco footprint The Conscious Traveller evokes. Experiencing the world in a very grounded sense, and teaching others to do the same. The type wraps around the brand mark to represent the world and the idea of travelling as an action of giving and receiving. By giving to the world, we receive joy and so many other wonderful things.

hands for TCT website-02.png

the hands

The hands are some social media icons for TCT, they represent the action of giving and receiving.